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Wrath from the Mountains by D.A.Smith — Book Review

Wrath from the Mountains by D.A.Smith

Wrath from the Mountains by D.A.Smith
Wrath from the Mountains by D.A.Smith


PUBLISHED ON: December 15, 2022

GENRE: Dark Fantasy

RATING: 4.5 Stars


CONVINCING YOU TO READ THIS IN 6 WORDS: Asian inspired, Adventure, Fast-paced, Unique Magic system, Flawed & Mysterious characters and complex 

Advance Readers Copy provided by the Author 

Special thanks to the author, for letting me be a part of the mini-blog tour.


I am a huge fan of series. But I am even a huge fan of pain, characters ready to tear away even gods for what they believe and trust me, Masako is one of those characters. I remember reading the Blood of Outcasts for the first time and I loved how I found a badass character.! I didn’t even realise that it was girl, that was really a commendable job by the author and when I found that I am going to have an adventure. And while Blood of Outcast did that, Wrath from the Mountains was not just a cherry on the cake but cherry, cream, sprinklers, everything one can dream of or adore.

Masako is not your average heroine by any means. She isn’t a damsel in distress or even a heroine you imagine having a date with, but she is someone you want in your inner circle. She is someone who will fight for you not just with other but with Gods as well. Who doesn’t want to be with someone like her?

I remember, the author, D.A.Smith once tweeting that he is sorry for the shit he has put Masako through and damn…she has been through a lot. From clawing her way from death to constantly being tested, bested and at times poked, Masako shows again and again why she isn’t your average next-door-friendly-neighbor.

You betrayed us! Do you do anything that is not for your own gain.

Being a Asian myself, I lacked knowledge in Japanese culture, I have hardly saw anime’s or read comics but I am glad reading this book that opened my doors to new world. I always think a sign or a good book or a brilliant writer is when you send the message without explicitly stating. That’s what D.A.Smith has constantly done. Small-small details, be it the way, battles are written, the way history is spoke, the magic system, the presence of Gods- everything made me glued to my kindle, which these days is difficult because of my busy schedule.

While Blood of the Outcasts despite being well paced and high stake book, Wrath from the Mountains just proved that those were nothing- stakes have increased, we see a bigger picture, we witness just how much Gods and Demons can not just witness but act.

“I go find the strange men and leave my Four Gods to rot.

I go to make a deal with Demons.”

(Chills. Literal Chills.)

Jinto. Jinto. Jinto. You are simply amazing. I knew seeing Masako in action was going to be amazing but Jinto, this book made you a hero. And being a crazy person let me add something, “Name one hero who was happy.” Thinking about Jinto’s first appearance to his character growth in Wrath from the Mountains? Simply A.MAZ.ING. Wrath from the Mountains did one thing that even Blood of Outcasts didn’t- being the second book in series, it showed more depth and details to the characters, making them more alive. It would not be a over the top when I say that Wrath from the Mountains was a roller coaster ride with just twist and turns. From the plot to motivations, from the political maneuver to betrayals, from fighting with people to Gods- Wrath from the Mountains is a book that you didn’t even realise you needed.

2022 was a brilliant year for me. I read some fabulous books and The Bane Sword Series is among the top, not just for being a brilliant book but for being a complete package – complex and vengeful characters, plots to make you forget sleep or work and at the same time arcs that make you long for.

I swear it now…I will forge a Bane Sword from the pieces of my broken heart, and I will kill every last one of the gods.”

(With lines like this, how can anyone not fall in love with the story?)

(On a complete side note: I would like Masako and Dorilian from Sordaneon to have a small face-of. While, they excel in different aspects, they both value loyalty too damn much and I was fortunate to meet both of them this year and fall in love with them. I really don’t know what it says about me as a person.!!)

So, let’s get cozy with the magic around and read The Blood of Outcasts and Wrath from the Mountains.


Before I forget how cool is this cover. I remember seeing the cover for the first time and my jaw dropped. The fine details, the colour scheme. I love it. Both the covers are so beautiful.


She will spill her own blood again to bathe the land in theirs

Masako has brought Basho to its knees. The Lord Council are shattered, but they won’t remain so for long; the capital, Orika, is occupied by a foreign force; the God of Greed has turned his attention to the realm of men, and the mountains have awakened, the Demons come.

With her strength dampened, her rage a fire burnt out, will Masako find allies in old enemies, and strength again in her curse? It must be done before the armies of the Lord Council, at the head of the Slow Bear of the Okami, crush her into oblivion.



Author Photo
Author – D.A.Smith

Dan has been writing for as long he can remember, drawing first and adding stories to them, building worlds and places for his characters to belong in, but that wasn’t enough. As an avid SFF reader, that consumes way more books than he has shelf space for, he thought it was time he turn my hand to being a novelist.

He wrote my first novel a few years ago, which has yet to see the light of day (nor ever will), and found that writing is in his blood, my passion, so he has stuck to it. Ever since he has been tinkering away with short stories and a few novels that he is proud of, he has got a few trunked, and one seeking an agent, but he is very proud of The Blood of Outcasts, it’s his love letter to Rurouni Kenshin, the comics he read, and everything SFF.

He is an English Linguistics and Language graduate working in journal publishing, and this would be his debut; He also review SFF novels for FanFiAddict and my short fiction has appeared in ‘Pride: The Worst Sin of All’ (Black Hare Press, 2020). He has also had work narrated live on air at Pop-up Submissions. Last but not least, he is soon to be married and am co-owner of a crazy (go figure) spaniel.

You can find him at Website, Twitter & Goodreads

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