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Death — Blog chatter A To Z

In the word maze, I was given the word Death. And I wanted to change the word as soon as I saw it. Someone very close to me died recently. But I decided to give it another chance. I already wrote a poem about my grief and the person I lost. And so I decided to do something extra.

Hopefully, it works.

Dear Death,

I was always fascinated with you. Not in an obsessive way, wanting you around. But with indifference. I knew you were always around, like a shadow, always with you but only visible in dark. You are that light in the dark, after the passage of life, people receive you. For some it’s a gift, for some grief.

There are countless poems about you and I read them again and again as I try to understand you. How do you decide whose door to knock? Can people truly escape death? And do you mourn for us, like you did in The Book Thief. Or once you’re fated for death, nothing can escape?

Being a reader, you always have at least one (hundred) fictional death who taught you about death more than life. Death always followed me in my books. And I appreciated it. I learnt about life. And more than anything, I slowly understood what it meant to live when you never know how your tomorrow’s are written.

Unlike, They Both Die At the End, we don’t have Deathcast calling us, warning about the last day. I often wonder if I’d like that warning or not? What would I do with that day when I know I am about to die?

I have one more question. I always wonder what does death do with the weight of so many unsaid and unknown goodbyes? What does death do with the weight of the broken promises and dreams? What does death do with all the tears and flowers? What does death do with everything humans couldn’t?

Does it really matter to death? Or we’re just being humans and making something as cruel as death also poetry?

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