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Apples — Blog chatter A To Z

For the letter A, the random word I got was Apples. I am so glad about it because I am working on the Fruit series and Apple was a perfect addition. Now, I just hope I do get some random fruits here and there.

Image of Apples taken from Pexels by Pixabay for the Blog of amazeofwords

The myths always said that apples were forbidden fruit. They were delicious but forbidden to ordinary people. Rare even for the royalties. I learned about it before visiting markets and buying from farms. Once, someone gave me honey-glazed apples, and I felt like committing a crime. I hid myself as I tasted the delicacy. It took me 3 hours to eat 3 pieces. I savoured every bite. The tree-house in the forest still smells like the forbidden memory I can’t seem to forget.

The apples aren’t rare anymore. I see them often. Sometimes, red. At times, green. But never the blood apples. The apples because of whom, they were forbidden. People frequently asked me why I called them blood apples. Most believe it is because of their deep red colour and resemblance to blood. But I know better. The lore taught me better.

I call them blood apples not just for their resemblance to blood but also because of the blood between them. They were the reason people were killed and why people killed. They were used to seduce the dukes and the princes or to poison the wicked and the Kings. The blood apples weren’t just forbidden because they were rare. They were banned because they blinded you in lust and wrapped you in white cloth.

The stab of the knife – in an apple or a body, it bleeds the same. And so when I was exploring the forest as usual and came across the tree of blood apples, I felt a part of me leaving my body. The tree stood tall, with neither a branch bending nor a leaf falling. The tree stood with pride and the blood apples, its crown. And I removed my sandals and drew my hood up before kneeling in front of the majestic tree. My fingers felt alive as I traced patterns on the trunk, and my blood seemed to sing its song.

I stared at the forbidden gem, marvelling at the beauty and imagining just how much these blood apples would help me bleed.

This post is associated with a writing challenge (I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z). My introduction post can be found here.

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