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Fire — Blog chatter A To Z

Fire decided to enter my fate as I tried to look for a new word in this daily journey. And I have an interesting story.

It’s an ancient habit that doesn’t necessarily go away. The myths and the stories go on, explaining how Fire is not something to mess with, and how Fire should be feared. And for years that’s what people did. They feared the fire and soon they forgot the fire prayers. And that was until the olden books were rummaged and transcripts were translated. That one lone soul, with green-coloured skin, read the fire prayer after an era.

The Gods were angry. Fire had always been the one to unbalance the balanced scales and suddenly all the Gods had their wrath on that lone boy. All the Gods but one. The Fire Gods knew nothing of the treachery of the other Gods but they did believe in the power of devotion. In the power of innocence. And so when the Gods played their games to eradicate the boy, to wipe out the existence of Fire gods- the Fire Gods came out to play. And they burnt every holy place known to mankind. No one burnt. No, they were not vicious. They just kept the place on fire. And only when they learnt to not fear fire, they could cross it.

It’s something small but I love this one so much. I have always wanted to write something with Gods and elements and maybe this is the origin story of my full-fledged novel.

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One thought on “Fire — Blog chatter A To Z

  1. Fire is always revered. But never mess with it. Also, I want schools and colleges must provide training to students on how to save people in times of emergency or sudden fire ignition. Firecrackers during diwali and other celebrations also need to be used with caution

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