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Into the Dragon’s Maw by D.T.Kane — Book Review & Summary

Into the Dragon’s Maw

Into The Dragon's Maw by D.T.Kane
Into The Dragon’s Maw by D.T.Kane


GENRE: Fantasy

RATING: 4.5 Stars


RELEASE DAY: 10 March 2023

CONVINCING YOU TO READ THIS IN 6 WORDS: Unique Concept, Amazing World Building, Dragons, Characters having their own voice & Lore

You can pre-order the book here.

“But sometimes knowledge is far more useful a tool than the most dangerous of hexes.”


Into the Dragon’s Maw, unlike the previous book doesn’t exactly begin where it ends but rather takes us on a ride and narrates us just where we are and why. And with this narration and the running, we have reached Karst. Being ignorant about the world around and still fresh from the betrayals from people Baz considered family, trying to trust people around isn’t easy. Yet, Baz takes a leap of faith, with some reservations, of course and tells them his story. About how his people need him, how he was betrayed, how he is the leader and yet questions everything around and how he somehow lost someone.

The people of Karst come with new customs and traditions. They have their theories and their secrets, upon hearing Baz’s story, they decide to help him. But at a cost, which wasn’t surprising to Baz and yet it stung him. Will everything around always have a prize?

With the help of people of Karst, Baz along with Rox, Sonne and of course, his book dragon, begins his journey to find his family. But when the mysteries begin to unravel and known enemies are back in unknown faces, what do you do?

“The world’s burdens are too heavy even for the broadest shoulders.”


I have said it before and I’ll say it again, The Spoken Book Uprising has the potential to become something unimaginable. From first book itself, everything is simply just amazing. I take this series as a low-stake high-stake series. What do I mean by this? The scope of the book altogether? Humongous. The stake of each book, individually? Low stake. And yet it keeps you hooked. It’s honestly so refreshing to have a fantasy book that you can read just easily and at times between big, chunky fantasy books (which I love so much). But you get my point, right?

Now that I have kept aside the stake of the books, let’s actually get down to books, shall we? Into The Dragon’s Maw by D.T.Kane was simply just. freaking. fantastic. I had busy schedule and so one day, I literally had my phone on me the whole time and I was reading. Eating? Yep, along with reading. Exercise? Yup, along with reading. Teaching? Yes, along with reading. Fortunately, I had a little presence of mind to answer them about the questions they asked and not about what I think about Baz, which is that he is a simply good human who, I still believe not forgive easily.

Everything about Into the Dragon’s Maw is sooo goood. The plot? Excellent. We learn so much about how things are the way they are without too much info-dumping, we understand some reasons, we understand the thoughts behind some things people do. We realise Rox’s internal turmoil which isn’t always shown. And more than that, we realise just how helpless Baz feels about everything around. I love how one after other challenges are thrown on him and yet despite the fact he thinks that he is not worthy, he stands up to face them again and again. It shows the kind of person he is and I honestly can’t wait to see what he becomes.

I know I always say that Baz is a good person. But let me stress out that he is not our typical person. He is human. And that’s the best way to describe him. He has grudges, he has nightmares, he has trust issues, he is still trying to understand where he is and why and despite all that, he is reluctant to let anyone die. He understands that change is gradual and not a one night thing and perhaps all this reasons combined has made him a really good person.

I think this is the place that I really need to appreciate the author, D.T.Kane. Not only, the stories are brilliant but they are beautifully planned and full with so many details that I am in awe. It’s not easy to write a series. And it definitely is not easy to write a 12 book series. YES, A 12 BOOK SERIES. I cannot wait to see how each series make me fall in love more.

That’s not all, the author himself narrates the audiobook for each book. Isn’t that amazing? But what’s even more amazing is that they are free. ABSOLUTELY FREE. So, please support the author. It’s a small way to support something incredibly amazing. The author also has a Patreon if you’re interested.

That’s all for today.!

I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THE COVERS OF THIS SERIES. Each cover is so beautiful and they have so much detail. I just can’t…I own the first copy (It is extra special) but someday I am going to own them all and display it. Cover designer at damonza.com 

“Maturity is supposed to be a gradual thing…but I’ve just seen a boy become a man before my very eyes.”

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“And so it was,” Baz concluded, “that I abandoned my people, mounted my dragon, and came to your lands.”
Not even the flame of rebellion can melt the snows of the Icy Heights in winter. So, despite their resounding victory against the forces of Erstwhile, Baz and his rebels have spent the last four months holed up in the city of Enigma, waiting for the reprisal that is surely on its way from the rest of Oration come spring.

But just as the spring thaw starts, the unthinkable happens. Enigma is attacked, and one Baz holds dear is taken. Responsibilities or no, Baz goes after the kidnappers, accompanied by Rox and his recently returned Book Dragon, Eromér. Their chase takes them into the Karst, the mysterious wasteland beyond the eastern limits of Oration. There, Baz meets the natives and enlists their aid.

But the natives’ help isn’t free. They have a problem of their own. The Ravagers, wild barbarians who live at the borders of their territory, have a new leader, a terrifying figure known simply as the Placid Man. Baz must agree to dispatch this villain in return for their aid in finding the one who was taken from him. Sounds easy enough to Baz. After all, he has a Book Dragon. But the Placid Man is no ordinary foe, and when Baz learns his true identity, everything will change.

Continue Baz’s journey in the next installment of The Spoken Books Uprising, coming March 10, 2023!

I really am loving how with each book, we are introducing animals, one by one. Loving that. And the epilogue? Books till now followed a pattern but now…oh Munch, it’s gonna be so much fun.


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