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The Sun Prince by L.R.Schulz — Book Review

The Sun Prince

Cover for The Sun Prince
The Sun Prince by L.R.Schulz
AUTHOR: L.R. Schulz PUBLISHING ON: 15 October 2023 GENRE: Fantasy COVER ART: Sien Lee COVER DESIGN: Holly @hollybookstore Beta read The Sun Prince CONVINCING YOU TO READ THIS IN 6 WORDS: A beautiful take on classic stories, siblings bond, outlaw, secrets, cool magic system and constant surprises but in a good way. MY THOUGHTS: I beta-read The Sun Prince, so there will be no ratings now, and the review will be brief. The Sun Prince by L. R. Schulz is a ride full of twists and turns. I am so proud to be a part of the beta read. Not only was I among the early ones to read the book, but at the same time, it was entertaining to work with the author. I am coming to the book and all the fantastic things. The Sun Prince is a sequel you all want to read. I am among those who dread the sequels at times because of how they are written. At times without proportion and at times without any rhythm. That is not the case here. I have loved how the story progresses. From the disastrous end we witnessed at the end of A King’s Radiance, things are moving slowly for everyone. Some changes are slow to comprehend, and some somewhat hidden places slowly come into the picture. I loved how the characters are growing, for them to realize their mistakes and slowly try and overcome the past. The characters are learning to be their person rather than be in the shadows. Raiz, you are still my favourite. I love how the siblings are portrayed and their relationship with each other. This background of the series has my heart. And more than that, I love how smartly the writing was planned. The attention to detail, the way new characters were introduced, the hints foretold – amazing. I also enjoy how the battles are written. They are so vivid, and at the same time, they cover so much part of the story. I mean in terms of the landscape. I also enjoyed the lore and how Isha’s character changed. I think The Sun Prince is a beautiful book and something that everyone who enjoyed A King’s Radiance will enjoy.

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THE BONDS OF KIN MUST HOLD The King-Radiant has fallen. Zapour has been liberated and the siblings triumphant, but at what cost? Two years have passed since their victory over the Eagles. Peace between the nations has not gone as planned. Gelvard has seized control of Lumindal and a cloud of war now surrounds Trost. The sun is dying… A new power has risen from the west. A man who calls himself the Sun Prince has his eyes set firmly on Zapour. But is he friend or foe? The bonds of kin will be tested as new threats arise, though not all threats are new. An ancient evil awakens, and new bonds must be forged if light is to shine another day. The review for A King’s Radiance can be found here. You can find the author L.R.Schulz – Twitter (X) Instagram


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