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Shadows of Nyn’Dira by H.C. Newell — Book Review

Shadows of Nyn’Dira by H.C. Newell

AUTHOR: H.C.Newell

PUBLISHED ON: 31 October 2023

GENRE: Fantasy

RATING: 4 Stars

Shadows of Nyn’Dira by H.C.Newell is the third book in series and first in the overall rank of the books. With a strong story and a beautiful take on classic tropes, Fallen Light is quick to climb the ladders of Fantasy lovers. I was lucky enough to get an early access to this book and oh boy, what a journey it has been. I am not sure but I think this is probably going to be a 6 book series? And so, we are exactly at a half-way point and believe me, this is the strongest book in the series. I read all 3 books together, re-read the first 2 in preparation for this one. And it was the best decision I took.

Shadows of Nyn’Dira picks up from the second book, The Forbidden Realms finished and I have to admit, with each book, the stakes are rising and I am loving it. AS you read the books, you can feel the improvement in the writing. There are cleaner sentences and smooth flow. What I also admire about Shadows of Nyn’Dira is just how predictable (for one scene) it was and yet it doesn’t lose it’s charm. There are so many moments that they just come out of no where and punch you with emotions.

I love how the characters still have the ability to surprise us and shock us. Just when I thought I understood a character, there is another layer added. That is simply amazing. I also think till date, Shadows of Nyn’Dira is the strongest book in the series. The writing is strong, the characters are very well- written, the character arc is amazing, the secrets are well placed, the emotional bond is strong. I at times thought, poor Neer should just get some time to breathe. She has been to hell and back, let her breathe. I had a little problem with a couple fighting scenes, but that’s a me problem not a book problem. Also, I know this series is a dark fantasy, I just want to say, bring it on. The darker, the better.

Overall, I would recommend the Fallen Light series to every one who loves Viking style Fantasy series.

Also, I forgot to mention, I love the cover. They just keep on getting prettier.

You can read the review for The Forbidden Realms here.


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