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The Darkness before them by Matthew Ward — Book Review

The Darkness before them

AUTHOR: Matthew Ward

PUBLISHED ON: 7 November 2023

GENRE: Epic Fantasy

RATING: 4.5 Stars


Book provided by the Author, Matthew Ward and publisher Orbit UK (Hachette UK)


The darkness Before them by Matthew Ward is the first book in the Soulfire Saga. I think, The Darkness before them is one of the strongest, confusing yet engaging start I read in a long time. Reading this book had left me gasping, wondering and asking questions so many times. But every answer was a treat to read and a journey to enjoy. Let’s dive into the book, shall we?

The darkness Before them isn’t an easy book to read. It’s complex, it’s confusing, it throws you in the middle of a supposed heist without terms being clear and frustrating on some level. You will ask yourself but what does it mean. Don’t worry, everything is explained. Not all at once, but slowly one thing at a time, till you forget the questions and are just enjoying the story. I loved the world-building so much. It’s a crazy world, even crazier modes and are thrust from one place to another but it is so gripping. I think this is what Epic Fantasies are for.

Katija or as we will call her Kat had one aim in her life. Clear the debts that her father owed and live. Clearly, her life doesn’t go as planned. She faces challenges, people and for her life too. And in all the chaos, she is trust in middle and part of a rebellion. The story shows us characters from different point of view, making story more engaging, alive and tense.

One of the most important thing about the book was how all the characters had their voice. The details to the characters, their language, their personality- everything was just perfect. And how inclusive the world was without talking about inclusivity? I love how Epic Fantasies do that. They don’t market the book that it has gay or lesbian characters or they are body inclusive and include sign language. They just are. Making it normal and more beautiful.

The political intrigue. Oh my gosh, I want to curse my younger self who thought politics is boring. Nope. I love how everyone has a different angle. How everyone has a face to show and one to hide. It makes everything better and raises the stakes. Just like it did over here. I was beginning to doubt every person as the book progressed.

I think The Darkness Before them is a fantastic start to the soulfire saga and I absolutely cannot wait to see how we move ahead and create more chaos. Is it too soon to ask the author for the next book already?

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