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The Battle of Vathapi: Nandi’s Charge — Book Review

The Battle of Vathapi: Nandi’s Charge

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AUTHOR: Arun Krishnan

PUBLISHED ON: 16 November 2023

GENRE: Historical Fiction

RATING: 4 Stars



There are some books that you don’t read, you witness. The Battle of Vathapi: Nandi’s Charge by Arun Krishnan is one of them. I would not lie; I was not 100% sure about the book. The book’s premise was very intriguing, but at the same time, I had been disappointed in the past, especially as I read Historical Fiction. I adore History, and reading about the past gives me a weird satisfaction. But simultaneously, it’s tricky to separate History and Fiction.

” …That is like a fight within the family, between siblings. But when there is an external enemy, we must unite to fight them.”

The Battle of Vathapi: Nandi’s Charge took me back as I read the words from my History textbook but in a much more detailed and explorative version. I was swept and reminded about India’s rich heritage with every page and political alliance. I think with the number of fantasy books I read, I somehow forgot about the Indian background at a level.

I think this book is very well-researched and thoughtful. There is enough attention to detail to capture the essence of ancient India while not making it English-washed, if you understand what I mean. And I think that is an outstanding quality of a writer. The book is well-balanced with original and fictional characters simultaneously, capturing all characters and giving them their unique voice and characteristics.

” You won’t find the others. The whistle you heard was my signal to them to escape.”

When the book, titled Battle of, I was prepared for a lot. I think I love how we were taken through, albeit a little slow. I adore slow burn; it is more satisfactory. But the beginning and pace were too slow for me. The second half made it up. I enjoyed the political setting, the preparations, the planning, and the strategies. It was simply a treat to read.

Thanks to The Battle of Vathapi: Nandi’s Charge, I think I will start reading more about history. I think everyone will enjoy this book, especially people who want a book to enjoy with a tinge of Indian madness.


The Pallavas are strong now … Pulikeshi is old. If there is a war … I don’t think the Chalukyas can beat the Pallavas.’

Seventh century India. Narasimhavarman I, the young Pallava king, promises his dying father to avenge the humiliating defeat inflicted upon their clan by the Chalukyas during the Battle of Pullalur in 618. Thus begin the preparations for a long-drawn conflict and three valiant Pallava captains embark on their journey to form unexpected alliances and weaken the Chalukya allies before the fateful encounter at the Battle of Vathapi.

In Nandi’s Charge, get ready to embark on this tumultuous journey where blazing battles are fought, spies weave their intricate webs, shocking secrets unravel and love emerges even amidst the chaos. Spanning from central Lanka to Ujjain, the trio also navigate through a maze of twists and strategic maneuvers undertaken by the Pandyas, Gangas, and even the Lankan forces. Can the Pallavas navigate treachery and deceit and help Narasimhavarman fulfil his oath?

With its captivating drama and undeniable grandeur, Nandi’s Charge, the first book of an enthralling trilogy, is an irresistible page-turner!

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