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Goodbye 2023

Goodbye 2023

Hey.!! It’s 4 January here (and as soon as I wrote this, I wished it was the 4th of May). You have probably read a lot of updates about the yearly overview for 2023 and made one, too. Nevertheless, you still have one to go. And it’s this one.

First of all, Happy New Year. With what all motivational speakers and spiritual guides will tell you – how 2024 should be when everything will work out? Let me tell you something – it will! Because you deserve it. Everyone does. And it won’t just work out; it’ll be in a way you never imagined.

Now, onto why I was M.I.A. 2023 was balanced in a way I cannot explain, and I certainly would’ve never imagined. There is a reel trending on Instagram with a quote, “I met the most broken and beautiful version of me in 2023”, and I think that pretty much sums up what 2023 was all about. I came across profound realisations and slowly started connecting more with myself. I let go of many grudges and, thus, people too. On the contrary, I need to level up my socialising, so I’ll work on it this year. I forgave a lot. Most of them silently. Some were long deserving, and some, I know, are for my sake.

I slowly started making healthy choices. While my eating habits were always healthy, I slowly added physical movements to my daily life. You cannot see the results, but my body feels it. At times, it was with soreness and an extra day in bed. But the daily walks in nature are slowly making a difference. I think I understood recently what people meant when they said that nature heals you. I could feel time slowing, and I opened my hair to feel the breeze (yes, I was having my moment). I saw many animals and somehow became a child all over again. That was the first time in my busy schedule that I started deliberately breathing and taking a moment. It does make a lot of difference. For anyone over here who runs, could you give me some tips? I am by no means a runner. But I want to start somewhere. Let me know all the tips, and hopefully, when I write this blog next year, I will add it to my milestones.

As for my literary journey, reading was excellent till it wasn’t. It wasn’t a slump or anything like that. Just that life came in between, and I moved. Yes, it was as exciting and as hectic as everyone talks. It was frustrating, tiring, long and satisfactory – all at the same time. The new place is beautiful and cosy, something everyone in my family loves.

Back to reading, I read some fantastic books throughout the year and had a chance to work with some very talented authors. I got a chance to alpha read, beta read, read arcs and receive review copies. I can’t be thankful enough to authors and publishing houses who took a chance on a small creator like me. And because of life, I have not yet been able to post about all the reviews here. Things are slowly about to change.

December somehow forces people to reflect on the year and plan for the new. I wanted to do the same. But my December was wrapped between sheets and doctor appointments. I was sick. Constantly. I was tired of eating medicines and not being able to plan all the things I wanted to. I had a small gift- exchange, and that was probably it. Also, I hiked for 7kms, which I know is not a lot, but it was new for me. But most of my December was passing day by day.

Needless to say, all the planning has now shifted into the hands of January, and so slowly, things will be changing. Minor changes are already in motion; you will see more of me. I am still trying to find my footing, and my health still needs some time to heal. But I am pushing myself to do my bit. I had some fascinating conversations about branding and art. The details baffled me and made me chuckle at the same time.

In short, the year gave me tears and made me smile. But I learnt every day and taught, too. I am ready for the new year’s opportunities and more ready to act on them.

One of my to-do things was to talk more about books and grow my social media. I have been studying book marketing for a while, and now, working with authors, I want to extend my social to connect more. I haven’t got time to create videos yet. But I started posting reels. So, a win for me. You can find me on (almost) all social media platforms with the same username, amazeofwords (A Maze of Words).

That’s all for now. I wish every one of you the best. And the courage to live the life you want and the love you deserve.

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I spoke about January.


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