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Falling for fictional characters — Blog chatter Blog Hop

Blog chatter Blog Hop Prompt: Your two favourite fictional characters falling in love

There were two couples, technically three, that ruled my mind when I read this prompt, and truthfully, I wrote about one, and it felt like baring my heart and just letting the words flow. And the letter was too intimate. And that is not something new. I had written letters to those characters before. So, I decided to write for someone else. Someone, or rather some characters, I saw on small-screen first and then read a bit, too. Yes, today’s post is dedicated to Randhir and Sayukta for Saada Haq, a Hindi T.V. show.

So, this one’s for you, Sandhir.

I remember reading about love that makes you believe in love. I have read about love that makes you feel complete. And I heard so many of my classmates talking about love. But it is said love cannot always be expressed but always felt. And I felt that when I started seeing Randhir and Sanyukta fall for each other. Slowly, inevitably, even they didn’t have control over how their hearts played out.

But to see them falling in love, we had to see them fight. We had to witness their hate for each other. How could a girl wish to be an engineer and take a spot from a man? And is no one who could believe that even as a girl, she can love machines? The hate for each other was rooted in stereotypical thoughts, childhood trauma, family expectations and ideologies that we hear all around us. However, they both had one thing in common, apart from their love for machines, and that is stubbornness.

And so, their hate for each other slowly started to form an academic rivalry. The bickering, the hunger, their passion – everything made me giddy. But it wasn’t the cute moments that sealed the deal for me. No, it was because every time they were stuck and hit rock bottom, they both found their way to each other.

Oh, it’s a Hindi serial, and there was drama; I am not denying that. I’d be the first to admit that there was some unnecessary drama and, at times, toxicity, especially when Randhir just left his wife without really saying anything and just vanished from her life. But in the end, it’s a serial and a serial whose characters have won a place in my heart.

Seeing these two fight like spoiled kids to have so many memorable moments and “firsts”, I think my heart knew what love looked like. It was cute notes and angry expressions. It was held in low and secretly jumping in the others’ dorm. It was screaming at each other, screaming at anyone who insulted their partner. It was secretly engaging with twigs on the floor and marrying under the moon. It was kissing in the library and dancing in the rain. It was protecting each other and teasing. It was cooking for the other and painting the apartment together. It was confessing feelings when you are drunk to hiding from terrorists (yes, I know what I said. I told you it was a Hindi serial). It was trying to dress correctly to meet your partner’s parents to just being in each other’s arms. It was everything wrapped together.

It’s been magical to just watch them grow. To watch their childish fights to see them not just woo each other but create an ambience so hot that the T.V. channel did set a warning before the last episode.
I think seeing them fall in love wasn’t enough for me. Because I made the mistake of reading one fanfiction. I believe that one has increased the number to probably 100x, and it is an absolute treat. Not just seeing them in love or feeling them in love. It’s also reading them in love.

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2 thoughts on “Falling for fictional characters — Blog chatter Blog Hop

  1. Ah I so relate to looking up fanfiction for characters you love. Also what an interesting idea of writing a letter to your favourite characters.

  2. Interesting take on the prompt! I haven’t watched this show but the name of the serial sounds familiar. I love slow-burn romances. It’s so good to see your favourite characters fall in love, slowly, inevitably, helplessly.

    I wrote a fanfiction just to change the ending of Me Before You. 🙂

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