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Dawn: God’s United Reich by D. Alexander — Book Review

Dawn: God’s United Reich

Book cover for Dawn: God's United Reich
Dawn: God’s United Reich

AUTHOR: D. Alexander

PUBLISHED ON: 29 February 2024

GENRE: Dystopian Queer Romance Fantasy




Okay, I am a huge fan of the author, D.Alexander and I know I will read anything he writes – for a simple reason: he knows how to punch you in the gut with emotions and simultaneously write a beginning, i.e., a very strong prologue. If you haven’t read it, read his other series, Memories, and you’ll thank me. Now, coming to Dawn.

“You’re the only person my heart wants to know the truth. Even if all you want from me is friendship.”

I am not a romance reader. But I am so glad that I gave this book a chance. The fact that it is set in a dystopian world that could become a reality if people are not careful is just a bonus. I loved the setting. I loved the background laid down for the world. I think the easy writing style can be a plus or negative. The author has a style of writing where he can write the darkest or easiest of the scenes in simple language.

Some additional note: I am not raised in a Christian setting, nor am I a classic reader. Leon and Theodore’s characters show a romantic setting, reminding us of the classic Romeo and Juliet. Love, at first sight, falling soon and hard. That is the only small problem that I had. I am not a fan of Instant Love. Just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean it is not good.

“My heart would do the same for you.”

Putting the small personal issue aside, I enjoyed reading how each character, despite being trained to live a life made for them, has their voice and tells. Maybe it’s how they hide or how they show. And maybe it’s because I love reading emotions; I loved Leon’s internal conflict, especially regarding his family. There are aspects of beauty all around this world. Be it music or painting. And I think those are the aspects that make or break a dystopian world.

In short, I enjoyed this book. I had one small personal issue, but I am glad I gave Dawn a chance. I would recommend this book to the fans of the dystopian world and people who would love a queer story. Because as well all know, there can never be enough Queer stories. And Leon and Theo need their stories to be shared.

“Pardon me, Leon, for your story must be like the stories of old- those filled with heroes and villains.”

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The scene where Leon’s father prays has my heart. The scene where he prays so that his son can live as he wants and not hide. Leon talks about how scared he was and how he was convinced that his father would be the one to annihilate him when the truth was out. This conversation. These scenes have my heart.


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