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The Price of Power by Michael Michel — Book Review

The Price of Power

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AUTHOR: Michael Michel

PUBLISHED ON: February 6, 2023

GENRE: Dark/Grimdark Fantasy

RATING: 4.50/5



I read The Price of Power after being thoroughly impressed by the novella, The War song  and boy oh boy, I enjoyed it so much. Let’s slowly start the whys and an embarrassing fact. The embarrassing fact? I haven’t read Joe Abercrombie or even Robin Hobb for that matter. I know, I know- what you’re thinking and I am going to read them soon. I just need to arrange my copies, take a leave from work and read and cry for whole time. Now, coming back to The Price of Power by Michael Michel.

The War song prepared me for some action and emotional ride. While, I was prepared for the same, I wasn’t expecting the intensity. I enjoyed The Price of Power so much.!! The Price of Power is a multi-POV, dark and a mashup of politics and war that had me hooked. Generally, I am lost in the beginning of a fantasy series but I didn’t feel that lost over here. Maybe it’s the raw writing style or maybe it’s because of the fact that I had some idea about what we’re talking about. Whatever the reason, the journey was spectacular. Overall, the plot is slow but it has your attention but after a point, it’s an ever increasing graph.

Now, let’s break all the details one by one. The story or the plot. I believe that this is a character-driven story and a good reason for it, especially as we follow the story through different eyes and not just people who are alive and amongst us but also the prince who is believed to be dead. All character be it, the Prince, the Princess, the grandmother- any one, they all had their voices and I appreciate it. Despite, not agreeing with some events or thoughts or actions, I could understand why they did and (spoiler alert: it wasn’t a stupid why). I love when authors aren’t afraid to get dirty and make me fear for characters. I didn’t even realise how much attached I had become to them till I started fearing for them. It makes me hate the author at the same time love them.!! And realising how this is just the first book, I feel this is going to be a ride for life.

The world created was to dive in. Personally, I think the worlds are interesting, especially in the first book but when the stories go deeper and the problems start occurring, that is when you really realize the depth of each element. This series is bound to go way deep and I think it’ll be something like Red Rising (Why below) and when those conflicts arise, we’ll understand way too better. The diverse characters with political and cultural differences and opinions, their thoughts and the way everyone approaches things is different and that is what I wanted to see.

The way the games of actions and consequences follow kept me on the edge. I recently read a book with so low stake and how the character got everything so easily and it left me in sour taste and then I came across this series where boy oh boy, how high stakes are and how every action, every decision had a consequence.

I am loving how debut books too hold such a qualitative and imaginative voice that one cannot help but fall in love. I enjoyed the writing and I appreciate the story too much.

Why I compared it to Red Rising? The first thing? The cover. It is not same but there is a small similarity. So, as soon as I read it, my brain gave me those vibes. Now, there are pros and cons to being compared to a series as popular and as well-praised like Red Rising. The number 1 con is your expectations are way too high. Let me make it clear, the two are different books and not related whatsoever. This is just me who had a random thought in my mind. The secret? The Prince of Power is ambitious project and I won’t be surprised if in the next few months I see people just talking about this book.!!

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