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The World Breaker Requiem by Luke Tarzian — Book Review & Summary


The World Breaker Requiem (Adjacent Monsters Book 2) by Luke Tarzian
The World Breaker Requiem (Adjacent Monsters Book 2) by Luke Tarzian

AUTHOR: Luke Tarzian

PUBLISHED ON: 14 April 2020

GENRE: Dark Fantasy

RATING: 4.5 Stars



Haunting, Beautiful, Time Jumps, Gods as Humans, Confusing but in a good way, Emotional Roller Coaster


“I have tried many times before—and each time, I have failed. So many names. So many children. So much death. My legacy, my child, is destruction, failure.”

I have said it before and I will say it again I cannot. I just cannot in good conscious write a summary for Luke’s books because they cannot be summed up. The World Breaker Requiem is not an exception. Woven a story of forgotten gods who are on the quest to change all the wrong things they accidentally or in ignorance did, only to create a bigger chaos to take care of. I read this book twice. Twice in just this year. And each time it made more sense and well, created some more question in my small, inconsequential brain. The world breaker Requiem will break your heart, fuck up with your brain, make you question your sanity and inevitably make you fall in love with the chaos.

We all have regrets. Regrets are inevitable in life. But what would you do if you had a chance to go and change them. Would you grab on that chance in the hopes of creating a new reality or you will let that chance slide by. While we have toyed with that idea, Tarzian mixes the idea and has Gods trying to fix their mistakes, their regrets. Now, maybe it’s just me but seeing Gods who are generally portrayed as those whom you go to in state of confusion and regrets are suddenly those who are trying to mend their mistakes. It is bloody brilliant.

For whom you desire most, what price will you pay?

While the quest to find the sword that can help them re-write the past is still in motion, what is even more amazing is that you don’t know who exactly is trying to do that. Is it their past, is it something they wish to do or is it manifestations of some dreams or some other people who somehow have managed to not just live in your mind and body but somehow also control it. The constant jumps from one time to other, from one memory to other, from one character to other is confusing but so satisfyingly.!

One more thing that I absolutely loved was how everyone at a point could be done with Gods? How for Gods, life was just nothing. They grieved, sure. But if they could just go back and re-write history, they would- even at the expense of all the life they killed on the way or will have to kill. Reading Fantasy books just makes me think every now and then the value of life.

Nameless shuddered; he felt weak in his knees and allowed himself to collapse into Irgi’s firm embrace and weep.

I love writing emotions and more than that I love reading about emotions. I can honestly say, Tarzian is one of the authors who managed to wrap so many emotions all together, highlighting emotions which aren’t easy but just stay with us for a long, long time. GUILT. REGRETS. GRIEF. MANIPULATION. I definitely think, Tarzian took the world is your stage to a new level and decided to write in similar manner which somehow created something unique.

I have absolutely no doubt that Tarzian’s writing style is unique and something that I count myself fortunate enough to read. Writing is not an easy task. Writing a dark fantasy where Gods fuck up? Well, let’s just say Tarzian did it spectacularly and I will read anything and everything he writes.

The world Breaker Parable is a #spfbo 8 participant.


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