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The World Maker Parable by Luke Tarzian — Book Review & Summary


Guilt will always call you back…

Rhona is a faithful servant of the country Jémoon and a woman in love. Everything changes when her beloved sets the ravenous Vulture goddess loose upon the land. Forced to execute the woman she loves for committing treason, Rhona discovers a profound correlation between morality and truth. A connection that might save her people or annihilate them all.

You are a lie…

Varésh Lúm-talé is many things, most of all a genocidal liar. A falsity searching for the Phoenix goddess whom he believes can help him rectify his atrocities. Such an undertaking is an arduous one for a man with missing memories and a conscience set on rending him from inside out. A man whose journey leads to Hang-Dead Forest and a meeting with a Vulture goddess who is not entirely as she seems.

The World Maker Parable (Adjacent Monsters Book 1) by Luke Tarzian
The World Maker Parable (Adjacent Monsters Book 1) by Luke Tarzian

AUTHOR: Luke Tarzian

PUBLISHED ON: 14 April 2020

GENRE: Dark Fantasy

STARS: 4.5




Haunting, Beautiful, Time Jumps, Gods as Humans, Confusing but in a good way, Emotional Roller Coaster

Never once had she dreamt of utopia and dystopia being one and the same.

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I am speechless. I honestly don’t know from where to start. I had read this book before and I was shocked. I didn’t know what to think. And I ended up sending voice messages to Ashley (@novellyroted) and we discussed some aspects of the book. And that was it. I didn’t write the review back then but I really wanted to. So, I read the book today, again. And I WAS SPEECHLESS AGAIN. Because despite the fact that I knew what was happening, I didn’t know. I always loved re-reading and generally have a month dedicated to re-reading books. But re-reading The World Maker Parable was just as surprising and beautiful like the first time. Let me start with telling you- THIS ISN’T AN EASY READ. Sometimes, we have this notion because it is novella and just around 100 pages that it will be an easy read and something that we can squeeze between the day. It is not the case here. The World maker Parable by Luke Tarzian is world in itself, it’s a mood. It is everything that you didn’t know that you needed to read.

PARABLE: A short story that teaches a lesson.

I didn’t know the meaning of Parable before reading The World Maker Parable and now, after reading the meaning and the book. It kinda makes sense in a way that I won’t forget.

Now, after rambling for all the things that are in a way related but in a bigger way not related to the book, let’s finally start with THE CRUX OF THE WORLD MAKER PARABLE.

Apologies will not remake the world. Apologies will not bring back the dead, nor will they mend my wounds.

The World Maker Parable was my first stop in the world that Luke created and I am shocked with how much under rated this gem is. The writing is just absolutely confusing, amazing, gripping, beautiful, did I mention confusing? And all in a good way. In this review, I am going to talk a little less about what this book is but more about how and what it made me feel.

Guilt. Life. Death. Regrets. The longing for a chance. Regret. Redemption.

As humans, we are always trying to make sense of the world around and in this this world full of humans, we go through millions of thoughts and we all know not all of them are good. Sometimes we are filled with range. And in this web of emotions that we feel, at times as we drown we don’t even realize if we want to live till we are sinking. And what Luke has managed to do is make a place full of emotional turmoil. He has managed to give Gods, human quality of not just feeling joy like humans but feeling that guilt that humans can’t let go of, of that longing for a chance. A chance to make things right. We all go through these phases time and again. And sometimes we heal and sometimes we think that we’ve healed. And sometimes we aren’t ever of anything. The World Maker Parable takes us through the series of emotions and the one thing that it comes down is that sometimes, you just can’t escape from everything that you want to.

“You have never killed a god before.”  (This line. This is one of my most most most favorite line. I get chills even as I think about this.)

The World Maker Parable is a book of emotions. It’s an open book. A book left to interpret. And that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a story or there is no plot. The beauty is that with each phase of storyline, with the time lapse and gaps and before and now, we follow a carefully planned and I am sure many sleepless nights on the part of the Author, Luke Tarzian. And as I did mention that you will probably be confused, maybe a little less than me but you probably will but as you reach the end? It will be all worth it.

There are some words, some sentences that are crafted so beautifully that I am convinced Luke is an artist. I thought about doing a reading for this book. Honestly.! Just read this:

” This is a realm of memory and thought, a means for introspection, for retrospection, however they may be achieved. It is a haven for the dreaming dead.” 

And something like this:

“Introspection had always made him wary for the simple fact he had always been afraid to learn the hidden truths about himself and otherwise.” 

If I began quoting things that I loved from this book, I’ll end up writing the whole book or too many quotes for this to be a review. In short, read this book and let the madness take over you to the journey that I am positive you will enjoy. I would recommend this book to everyone especially who enjoy reading something new, something challenging and something that will open the emotional floodgates.

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The World Maker Parable is the first book in the adjacent monsters duology set in the world of Vultures but they can all be read as Standalone too. The order that I prefer:

The World Maker Parable

The World Breaker Requiem


Also, note that The World Breaker Requiem is #SPFBO8 and this is possibly the best time to pick these books and spread a word about.

Have you read any of Luke’s books? Or are you planning to?

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WEBSITE HIGHLIGHTS: A Maze of Words ranks 47th on the Top 70 Fantasy blogs by Feedspot


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