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The Forbidden Realms by H.C. Newell — Book Review

The Forbidden Realms by H.C. Newell

The Forbidden Realms
The Forbidden Realms

All hail, because of the new dark fantasy is in our town. I love reading Fantasy. I love reading a little dark elements too. Who am I kidding? I love reading anything and everything till they are not possessive and damsels acting they deserve the world for breathing. No. You are not sexy and No, you are not cute. Coming back to The Forbidden Realm, let’s go. I read the first book in the Fallen Light series, Curse of the Fallen hardly a couple months ago and I enjoyed it. Needless to say, I was so excited to read the Forbidden Realms by H.C.Newell. Were my expectations fulfilled? Or was it just another book that comes and goes?

Reading sequel books make me nervous at times. It’s a good thing because the first book has already laid down the foundation for book, the world is familiar and all you have to do is sail. But the nervousness is that the sequels are the make or break deal. The Forbidden Realms definitely makes up. While the Curse of the Fallen was interesting and made a me solid promise for interesting story, The Forbidden Realms sealed the deal. There are conflicts, yes. There are questions, oh so many of them. But lack of answers, doesn’t mean lack of fun or lack of awesomeness.

The cover of the book, an another pretty tree that is simply pretty. I loved the cover. I don’t know if it was intentional or not but the two books together look so like different phase of day. The dark, the night version, the light, the day version. I love how the two compliment each other. (I know, it’s more like a locational aspect, in relation to desserts but still. I hope at least one of the two theories are correct.)

The storyline of the book was well written and more importantly, well paced. I love how gradually new characters are being introduced and how characters are slowly growing on me. With new additional POV as our witness, we are travelling with a new set of eyes and oh boy, it feels that this new addition is going to play a bigger role. I love how fierce, emotional, grief-stricken and real Neer is. Probably why I keep going back to know more about her. She is someone I know I am going to keep on rooting for as much as possible.

I loved the writing and I know I am enjoying my journey here. The writing is raw, the characters are flawed & grieving, the world is interesting, the story is captivating. Overall, I can’t wait for Book 3 and book 2, the Forbidden Realms was a smashing hit.


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