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Declaimer’s Stand by D.T.Kane — Book Review & Summary

Declaimer’s Stand


Declaimer's Stand by D.T.Kane
Declaimer’s Stand by D.T.Kane

You can pre-order Declaimer’s Stand here.

RATING: 4.5 Stars

RELEASE DAY: 16 September 2022

CONVINCING YOU TO READ THIS IN 6 WORDS: Unique Concept, Amazing World Building, Dragons, Characters having their own voice & Lore

Solutions to present problems often reside in the past.


Declaimer’s Stand is Book 4 in The Spoken Books Uprising Series. With the end of Declaimer’s Flight, Book 3, we witness everyone on a different state and in a different place. From becoming Restorer for Leanna to choosing his father over Baz for Del and having a new responsibility for Baz, needless to say everyone came a long way.

Baz along with his brother and other rebels continued their way to the Tome. But the way to the Tome is paved with obstacles and coming to terms with new revelations isn’t easy. The constant skirmish and the army following them makes it very difficult for Baz and his army to make their way to the Tome. While, they did win a couple of small fights with the Erstwhile army, they did know it could not keep on happening.

And so, they planned to create a small detour. The detour that could save their life or be leading straight into their deaths. And for a while, things looked working in their favour. But they were not ready to face the Enigma. And this experience was nothing like the previous experience with the Enigma’s. This time the city of Triumvirate proved to be a big challenge. Especially considering the fact that they were all sentenced on their death sentences. All the accusatory glances on Baz did nothing to eliminate Baz’s guilt. Triumvirate was nothing like what Baz imagined, neither were Enigma’s like Rox. Words within words. Hidden secrets behind secrets. While Baz slowly found a way to save his people, his results resulted in some unfavorable conditions. Something, Baz wasn’t willing to par take in.

When unexpected alliances are joined and Baz has to face consequences of the actions. But how much will the new choices affect him?

“But if men didn’t occasionally rise up to make impossible choices, where would the world be?”


The summary isn’t the best. But let me tell you something. This book is just brilliant. I was lucky enough to be the part of the ARC TEAM and believe me…I read it in less than 24 hours of receiving the copy. And I was so freaking busy that day. I didn’t sleep and would turn back to reading it, every moment possible. This book is so darn good. From the amazing exploration of world to the individual character growth, from the unique abilities to the creatures and my gosh the diversity…I am in love with this series.

As stated earlier, Declaimer’s Stand is the 4th Book in this installment and with every book, the scope of the story keeps on increasing. There are so many layers, so many emotions hidden with each story that I can’t help but be impressed with each book. The characters, every book have a learning curve and what is amazing is the fact that they don’t just jump and be a different person. They are constantly, slowly evolving. Sometimes, in the way that you don’t notice but you do. Subtly, you do.

I sometimes do think that Baz is lucky. Very lucky. Especially with all the different company he keeps. I am not going to lie, sometimes that luck feels like he got things handed in plate but the amount of things he goes through somehow makes up for the fact.

Blood may be thicker than water, but it’s useless once spilled. True family are the ones who remain there for you, no matter how many spills you take.

What I genuinely love about this series is that despite the fact that this book talks and shows us about some harsh truths, the book is not something that will require you to decode hidden meanings. Everything is beautifully and strategically laid in front of you. You just have to pick the pieces up. I still believe the overall story as a whole is a high stake but book by book, it is a little low stake book that is so easy to read and more than that, so easy to enjoy. Each book focuses on one aspect and in return explores so many internal monologues, so many questions and more than that the fact that everything somehow comes down to the fact how two people who are good at heart somehow got tangled in the mess the society created is so realistic yet frustrating.

I prefer my love for characters over plot and this series proves again and again how characters engage and grow. And I am positive that this series will just show me how characters can change, can grow, even in the worse of conditions and not lose the part of themselves. Also, I love how the characters have to face the consequences of their actions, despite the fact they wanted nothing but good for others, they face the consequences. Like bang on.

Declaimer’s Stand by D.T.Kane is one of the most beautiful, interesting and amazing book I’ve read. The writing keeps on growing and the story keeps you hooked. The fact that this is the fourth book in the series and all the four books are released in the same year, is something I admire and dread at the same time. I can’t wait for you to read this book, this series and join me in the journey with Baz and Del.

I can’t wait for Book 5.

Pre-order your copy of Declaimer’s Stand here.

I won’t have you confined by some Enigman oath to watch over me at all hours of the day. I’m fighting on the side to end slavery, Rox. You think I’d accept an oath that robs you of free will?


“Get your coat, Rox. You’re going home.”

Monsignor Scrivener. Dragon Rider. Orator. The titles bestowed on Baz sound as ridiculous to him as he suspects they do to everyone around him. But Tessa appointed him leader of the uprising, and Baz intends to keep those entrusted to him safe. Except, that’s proving exceedingly difficult. Erstwhile’s army has discovered a new weapon that renders spells useless; Baz’s sole advantage over Erstwhile’s much larger force, his one remaining dragon, is badly hurt; and Baz’s troops are exhausted. They’ll be overrun for sure before they reach safe haven at Tome. But there is one chance: escape into the Icy Heights and head for the frozen city of Enigma.

Meanwhile, Deliritous is coming to grips with his choice to return to his place at the top of society, opposing the rebels Baz is leading. When his aunt reveals a stunning secret, Del finally thinks he knows where his life is headed. But in the upper echelons of Oration, schemes run rampant as a fire in a Library of old books, and Del’s never been one for scheming.

As betrayal strikes both Baz and Del, their paths will once more cross. But they’ll both discover that war has a way of dividing loyalties that once seemed unquestionable. Will Baz find a way to save his rebellion from a premature demise? Will Deliritous finally decide who he truly wants to be?


PUBLISHED ON: 16 September 2022

GENRE: Fantasy

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Everyone betraying Baz like that. It was brutal. I really don’t want him to forgive others soon. Like the sting of betrayal stay for a while.

Baz, you crazy fellow, be selfish for once.

Also, thank you for saving the Book Dragon. That is going to go in a way.

I love how he keeps on adopting pets.

I love Baz & Del’s dynamics. Like crazy. They are ready to not talk about their close ones betraying them but the thought that the other betrayed them. That hurts them. I can’t wait to see how the story progresses.

When I read “Get your coat, Rox. You’re going home.” in the blurb, I was positive that it was Baz asking or telling it to Rox. Imagine my surprise when it was Del instead. Just perfect. 

The whole book, filled with Rox scenes made so much more sense to me. They were just perfect, including the fact that towards the end he and Baz came to some sort of agreement and oath. Beautiful.

I can’t wait to see more of Tax and Baz’s arguments. We know they love each other but there are so many different things.

I really really don’t want Baz to just forgive everyone around him…be it Tax, Ehma or Lenna. Please. Let them suffer a little.

I can’t wait to uncover Duke’s secret and know more.




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