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Declaimer’s Discovery by D.T.Kane — Book Review & Summary


“What do you mean, he knows our secret?”

Having survived the Acktus Trials and kept his secret safe—for now—Baz has returned to Erstwhile. But his rest is short lived when an unwelcome guest visits Torchsire Library, bearing news of a revolt amongst the Speakers in Fortune, Oration’s wealthiest city. A special session of Oration’s Congress has been called and Baz’s master is selected to travel to Fortune and represent Erstwhile. Of course, Baz must go with him.

Suddenly, Baz has an opportunity to fulfill his promise to the Keepers of Tome—search Fortune for the prophecy that promises to free the Speakers of Oration from slavery. But circumstances quickly turn dangerous when Baz and his companions are attacked on route to Fortune. Baz finds himself at the center of a rebellion he’s unsure he wants to join, but is equally unsure he can escape. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Baz discovers that the most powerful man in Fortune not only holds a secret that could destroy all of Oration, but also knows Baz’s own.

Surrounded by enemies and friends he doesn’t trust, can Baz survive, find the prophecy, and become the leader of an uprising?

Declaimer's Discovery by D.T.Kane
Declaimer’s Discovery by D.T.Kane


PUBLISHED ON: 15 April 2022

GENRE: Fantasy

RATING: 4.5 Stars


CONVINCING YOU TO READ THIS IN 6 WORDS: Unique Concept, Amazing World Building, Dragons, Characters having their own voice & Lore


Declaimer’s Discovery is Book 2 in the Spoke Book Uprising Series. After the adventures of The Acktus Trials, Baz’s life had no change. Rather it seemed Deliritous after coming in terms with Baz’s secret made his distance with him. But distance didn’t mean their little secret or the events of the Acktus trails were safe.  Baz still could not ignore the fact that Del was ready to go back on his promise and Rox being Rox would go through with it. But when The champion of the Acktus Trials has and his speaker has to accompany the Duke Farston for the Congress, the unsaid silence between them breaks. The trio accompanied by Conservator Leanna set on yet another adventure and this time accompanied by Duke Farston.

But the ride wasn’t the same as before. This time, there was a nagging feeling that something wasn’t right. And that feeling stayed with Baz for while. Especially when the Duke offered a friendly competition amongst themselves on the way. One after other obstacles came and when the ‘Rebels’ attacked them, the group divided into two, seperating Baz and Leanna from others. The duo captured were taken to a different place where Baz met a familiar face and Leanna a familiar place. As one after one the secrets began to pop out, the two of them didn’t know their position in the others life. Were they friends anymore? Were they friends even to begin with? But when Baz got a chance to reach Fortune, he knew he had to grab it. After all, he had promise to fulfil. But things don’t go according to his wishes and he is caught. Tortured in the dungeons for days without knowledge of day or night wasn’t in part of his plan but fate had other ideas. And when freedom came, somehow everything had changed. The fight. The Duke. The rebellion. The nightmares. Leanna. Ehma. The kisses. Prophecy.

Delirtious knew everything was in a mess. Going to a conference in a small retinue was bad enough but now he had to go there without his Conservator or Speaker. While he was still coming in terms with that, Rox was detained too. Somehow, he was all alone in a foreign land witnessing first hand how much violence is around, especially for Speakers. A conversation with a strange man, leaves him in more questions than what he would like to admit. The conference was nothing what he imagined and slowly everything changed when a man was presented between the conference. The man who was clearly tortured. A couple of words exchanged and when he woke up, he was in a prison. But he was back with Rox and Baz. Escaping the prison and trying to find the way back home, Del realises he has somehow changed sides and for a while, he himself had no idea who he was or what he wanted. He just wanted to go home and so he kept hold on the only thing that guaranteed his safety. The Declaimer’s Transcendence.

Declaimer’s Discovery opened a new layer in the information that we already know and now you have to start reading between the lines. The creator is around. What exactly lies between? Who is the Dark Lord? And who is the prophecy referring to?

I am the hand of justice. The blade that saves the world. Today these hands were as good as swords, and the Scribes’ judgement has been rendered.


I read Declaimer’s Discovery by D.T.Kane after completing The Acktus Trials, Book 1 and I am so glad. I am a binge reader and while I am stepping out of comfort zone and reading new releases. my heart did a dance when I got to read them back to back. And again, I read it in just a day. JUST ONE DAY. And this book is so good. This book for me is, what I love about reading…I forgot I was reading. I stayed up late and just wow.!

Declaimer’s Discovery is a bit higher in scope and it takes the experience of The Acktus Trials higher. We already know how…messy, I guess is the correct term to say about the world of Oration. The world divided among people who are allowed to read and people who are allowed to speak. And we have a whole set of people who can write the spoken books. While, the Acktus Trials outlines the ideas and whys…we go into the depth and understand more about the world. A new layer is out, ready for us to unravel, for us to understand.

What I love about Spoken Book Series is how walking paradox this series is. It starts with a simple idea but with each book, there are new details being added. New information that helps you understand some small details better. Currently, I have completed Book 3, Declaimer’s Flight as well and I am simultaneously listening to the Podcast on YouTube and I honestly can feel the characters in a different light. It’s like a flower, you keep on peeling. You tried to understand one mystery, one reason why someone is behaving the way they are and then some new information will come to light and your opinions do have a shift.

Sometimes, I really feel that Baz acts like an idiot. Well, not exactly. But he could make things so much simpler if he became a little selfish. But that isn’t Baz and that is what makes me like this series. In hindsight, Baz knows that he could simple let someone die but that isn’t him. I really appreciate that part. He is one of the characters, I can say who continuously chose to be kind, especially when the world around him isn’t.

Despite, The Spoken Book being vast in scope, story-telling and world-building, I still think of this book as a low-stake. And I don’t know why…I mean there is so much happening and with each page, I just want to know what’s happening but…but I just don’t know I can’t just count it in high stakes yet.

I truly believe D.T.Kane is an amazing storyteller. He has the ability to make me forget time and get lost in the world and more than the that, he can make the characters feel real. I have read many different varieties of books. And each book has something peculiar that made me fall in love with reading all over again. For this book, I can just say that that word is Magic. Things seemed real at the same time distant. What works for me, is the constant underlying message with each book. Maybe that is not he was aiming for. Maybe it is just because I want to see it. But I really love how each character. Every one of them has to go through the process of realizing how things that they believe or know are not true. They all have to face the truth and chose what to believe in. Some characters despite realising that they are wrong, chose to ignore it. Some believe that them being wrong does not make the other correct. And I am loving this.

Declaimer’s Discovery is an amazing book and even better sequel. It has everything. Plot. Characters. Arcs. And of course, torture.


I would recommend Declaimer’s Discovery to just everyone. Read this book, you all. This is an underrated gem.

…”But when you take from a man his freedom, you assume the responsibility for his actions, and for teaching him what he can and cannot do.”

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