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The Many Shades of Midnight by C. M. Debell — Book Review & Summary

The Many Shades of Midnight

The Many Shades of Midnight by C.M.Debell
The Many Shades of Midnight by C.M.Debell

AUTHOR: C. M. Debell

GENRE: Fantasy

RATING: 4 Stars

RELEASE DAY: 1 February 2023

CONVINCING YOU TO READ THIS IN 6 WORDS: Unique Concept, Engaging characters, Standalone, Found family & Deadly curses

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No one likes to have their blindfold removed.


Alyas, the Duke of Agrathon was exiled 15 years ago from Lankara by the King and his friend. And so, along with his brother, Esar, he built his new life. Together, they build their life, their people and despite the problems lived happily. And they would’ve if a contingent of King didn’t meet them again. Lord Sul, along with the commander and Brivar, an apprentice surgeon met Alyas with the hopes of convincing him to be back.

The kingdom of Lankara was dying. A plague of deadly disease broke. When nothing worked, the King of Lankara was certain, Alyas was the one who could solve the problem. And so, despite his anger and reluctance, Alyas agreed to help the King. Under unfortunate circumstances, Brivar manages to save Akyas and thus slowly forming a familiar bond that Brivar failed to form even with his cousins.

What seemed like a call for aid suddenly turned into a political mission as Alyas was unknowingly pitied against the Syndicate. The Syndicate controlled the mining of Isyrium, one of the most precious metals and thus were somehow above the law. When Alyas and Syndicate clash, the King is in between somehow angering Alyas even more. Stuck in the political games, trying to save the innocents and at the same time fighting his demons, Alyas has to make choices that no one else will, even if it costs him his own life.


The Many Shades of Midnight by C. M. Debell is a fascinating tale that had me hooked since first chapter. It starts with little things like the fact that one of the main character is a surgeon and ends with little things about how people are willing to step up when no one else is. How corrupt the corruption runs and how much people are willing to ignore for the sake of their own power, their money and the way of life.

The story which begins innocently with the exile coming home back, slowly turned into a web of politics that I didn’t see coming. It surprised me in a good way how the small-small things came to be related. Be it the fact how the disease began to spread or be it how the disease was cured or the realization about the hows and whys. It was simply astounding to fit the pieces and let the puzzle form.

The politics aspect of the book was simply amazing. It was fun to read, engaging, not a wide-wide scope but definitely something fun to read.

The Many Shades of Midnight is a standalone and that surprised me, because in all honestly the story had the plot to become more. In a way, it’s a good thing because I honestly didn’t have the patience to wait for the sequel. It’s just I would have loved to know more. And that is probably my only complain. I would have loved some more details about the characters.

Though the best part about The Many Shades of Midnight is the ending. In all honesty, I loved how things panned out. The plans, the secrets, the pain, everything was just perfect. I love how much emphasis was given on what should be done and yet how no one was brave enough to take that step. It starts with doing the things that people will hate you for but the fact that it needs to be done.

Overall, The Shades of Midnight was an amazing book that I found myself fortunate to get a chance to read. I would recommend it to everyone, especially those who would like some mysteries wrapped in a Fantasy world.

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A mysterious enemy threatens the continent of Ellasia, spreading a deadly sickness that kills or transforms everything it touches. In desperation, the King of Lankara sends an envoy to his disgraced former military commander, Alyas-Raine Sera, recalling him from exile and begging his aid.

But when a discovery links the contagion to the mining of Isyrium, the most precious mineral resource in Ellasia, it pits Alyas against the powerful mining syndicates in a conflict that could have catastrophic consequences.

Because the syndicates will fight to defend their wealth and power, even if the cost is everything and everyone else.


I loved the relation between Alyas and Esar. Just loved it. Brivar was a good addition and it would have been even more interesting to see them create a havoc together.



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