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The God Spear by L.L.Stephens — Cover Reveal

The God Spear

“It will take a God to waken a God.”

If you’ve been following me for a while then you probably know that Sordaneon is one of my all-time favourite books. I think L.L. Stephens is one of the most underrated writers out there. The world of triempery is rich in culture, heritage, life and unpredictability. The characters are so well written, diverse and more importantly real. I have been lucky enough to read the book and be emotionally hit by the emotions the author has smacked me with.

The Triempery Revelations series is divided into 6 books. The God Spear is the 4th book in the series. But it can also be your 2nd book. Yes, you heard it…umm…read it correctly. The beauty of this series, or rather should I say the author’s mastery, is that you can either start from 1st book, Sordaneon or the 3rd book, The Second Stone.

But, let’s go for the main reason why we are all here, the cover for the 4th book, The God Spear.

The God Spear by L.L.Stephens. Cover by: Larry Rostant
The God Spear by L.L.Stephens. Cover by: Larry Rostant

We all say or rather read Don’t judge a book by the cover. But I have to admit at times, I do judge a book by its cover. Especially epic fantasies. And covers like this make me want to pick the book and never stop staring at it. I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE COVERS. I think it’s time we stop staring and pick up the books and read them.

Cover artist: Larry Rostant

Now that we have stared at the gorgeous cover, let’s see what the story is actually about:


It will take a god to awaken a god.

The Heir to Essera’s throne, Handurin Stauberg-Randolph, has escaped from Sordan and sought out the Kheld people of Amallar. He hopes to gain them as allies, particularly against the murderous sorcerer Nammuor.

Dorilian Sordaneon has also left the safety of Sordan—and stopped the Rill god-machine. Handurin doesn’t know it yet, but Dorilian is hot on his heels. Which means Dorilian is in Amallar too, living in secret among Khelds who believe he killed, well, just about everyone.

But Amallar isn’t as welcoming as Hans thinks, or as backward as Dorilian believes.

You can pre-order the copy here.


(Personally, I love having conversations with the author. She is simply a delight to talk and every time we have a conversation, I adore her even more.)

L.L. Stephens is a hot modern female with delusions of supervillainy trapped in the body of a little old lady. Weekdays, she writes epic fantasy sagas and the occasional erotic novel or story. On weekends she plays card and board games with her husbands’ Big Italian Family, cooks delicious family meals, and paints board game miniatures. Occasionally she visits family in Wisconsin and Ohio and aspires to at long last visit the son in Georgia.

Website || Twitter

On some exciting news: A Kickstarter is going on for the production of the audiobook of Sordaneon. You can back the project here and take advantage of some amazing benefits.

Review for the first book Sordaneon can be read here.


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