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Sordaneon by L.L.Stephens — Book Review & Summary


Sordaneon by L.L.Stephens
Sordaneon by L.L.Stephens

AUTHOR: L.L.Stephens

PUBLISHED ON: 9 November 2021

GENRE: Sci-fi Fantasy

RATING: 4.75 Stars


CONVINCING YOU TO READ THIS IN 6 WORDS: Amazing world building, Sci-fi elements, Political intrigue, Realistic characters, Unlearning, Emotions…so many emotions


The journey in the land of Triempery begins with Dorilian, high-born prince witnessing his mother dying and bringing his brother into the world. He is then secluded from the world by his grandfather from the world with hardly anyone having access to him. But that doesn’t mean he is unaware of his status or his power. He is constantly plotting and it is only his love for his brother that keeps him there. But when opportunity came, he found his way to exit and make his presence known to the world world. And he did it so well.

Known of his power and influence, people tried to coax him but Dorilian knew what he was. Arrogant to the fault as teenagers are when they think/know they are invincible and with the lack of love, no one understood Dorilian. No one but one person. One person whom Dorilian hated with passion. Marc Frederick understood the reasons behind Dorilian’s action. Despite hoping otherwise, he understood his power. But he knew for Dorilian to save the world and bring changes around and be the God he was destined to be, he has to learn to be a human. And so he killed. Killed innocent people but took Dorilian under his care. Slowly, from cold shudder, his son manage to win Dorilian’s friendship and slowly Marc Frederick too. But their world is not with just the two of them playing chess, despite what we want.

When the world is busy trying to deal with Dorilian and Marc Fredrick and Rill and Wall, Nammuor is playing his own game. A game which most people are ignorant of. And he plays his card in perfect time. To conquer the whole world. His experiments show a glimpse but there is no doubt that they can unleash hell.

The situation is under change and while Dorilian and Marc Frederick plan to change the world, they are attacked with something neither of them saw coming and now nothing is same.

Will Dorilian come unshattered from what is happening around? Or this event will make him into a monster everyone feared he was.

“I will not help you create a new one.” 

“No,” he said, “I fully expect you will do that on your own.” 



The caps should be enough proof. But even if it was not clear, let me clear something. I loved Sordaneon. This book is beautiful. I count myself very fortunate that I came across this book. This book is definitely one of the under-rated book out there. From the detailed world-building, to the amazingly flawed characters, everything about this book screamed pick me for me. I think what worked out best for me is knowing that everything will not only make sense but also leave me craving for more and I was right. As all Epic or High Fantasies go, the setting in this world was also new and thus, you know nothing when you enter. There are words being tossed around, High-born, entity, Rill, Wall, Sordan, exile and you will have questions. You will be confused. But trust on the process and read. Because everything keeps on unfolding slowly and steadily.

We have 2 main characters or 3, as you will in Sordaneon. And I loved this slow-burn complex relation not between lovers but between I don’t know how to tag them- master-apprentice, two dreamers, two realists, father-son…I don’t know. I know one thing that seeing Dorilian and Marc Frederick warm up to each other was one of the best thing of this book. From the hate based on the past actions to slowly trying to understand the other. From respecting to the unsaid love. From trusting no one else but other. Their relation progressed. I don’t think anyone relased how much the end scene broke me. I love unnamed relation like this and the way the person changes not for something else but because being with that person changes something fundamental in them.

Now, coming to the world and the magic system. Sordaneon is the first book in six book series. And if you can get all your answers in just one book, there is something wrong with it. There are so many…so many things in this book that I can’t help but love. We have Rill which somehow becomes the answer to everything. And I love it. I love when anything goes a miss, somehow everything has only one answer the Rill. Even if it is not the answer. I love how we have some aspects of time travel or something of that shit here too (Ashley, I guess that is becoming my thing now?). I want to know more about the Leur ring. I want to know about the wall. But I know I will know about everything soon. I am sure pay-off for this series is going to be worth ever damn thing.

I need you. I love you. I will not let you go.!

I cried reading this book. Well, I know you will think isn’t it for all the books? Nope. But yes, when the feelings and emotions are running high, I tend to cry. And this book managed that. What I am looking forward the most is how Dorilian will undergo the process of un-learning. Well, Stefan too. And don’t get me wrong Dorilian needs to for becoming the person Marc knew he would. But Stefan needs it more. The two of them holding grudges over the other, specially for something that happened as a kid is one of the most realistic and yet worse thing. Because even when the other will not be at fault, they will end up blaming or doubting the other. And that will make some really interesting political uproar every damn time.

Everything that Nammuor is doing. He is one villain that I know I will resent but no one can doubt he is savvy. Cunning and knows exactly when to strike. He is going to create many problems, most of the times but I think I will come to appreciate his role overall.

I don’t have words to express how much I have enjoyed this story. It took me a while to get in the world but once I did, there was no stopping it. I read the later pages in full speed. Needless to say, I can’t wait to read this series and know more about Dorilian.

Do yourself a favor and read this beautiful masterpiece and don’t forget Book 2 is up for pre-orders.

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Dorilian is blood bound to the Rill, a quasi-living artifact that spans continents and empowers a privileged few to reap the riches of an entire civilization. The problem is, decades after seizing control of the remaining god-machines, those privileged few aren’t willing to give up their power—even if that means imprisoning and destroying the human bloodline to which the Rill is tethered.

To reawaken the Rill and save their world, its ruler Marc Frederick must find a way to win over Dorilian Sordaneon, the last scion of the divine house that once controlled the Rill. Unfortunately, Dorilian hates him. And his family. And… everything.







MARC FREDRICK was but it didn’t make anything less painful.

Lev, you crazy plot twist.

Dorilian not getting a chance to see Marc at the funeral was cruel. Just cruel. Everything aside this pain aside. The last promise. The scene. Emyli visiting Dorilian.

The incomplete chess game will be one of the thing that will haunt me.

Dorilian calling Marc “Majesty” for the first time. That scene was just precious. That scene marked something for me. It would’ve gone unnoticed by many. Maybe for me too, but luckily I did get this chance to notice it. Perfect.

Dorilian removing Marc’s shoes. DORILIAN WILLINGLY REMOVING MARC’S SHOES. Ah. Let my soft hurt cry.!

And when Marc Fredrick asks him, did he understood why he did what he did and Dorilian says to save his life. Those moments. I love it.

I am honestly controlling myself from writing things because I can write on and on about this book. If you have read this book, do let me know so we can talk about this beautiful book.




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