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A Letter To Someone Who Failed — Open Letter Series

Helping Hands
Helping Hands – Image Source: Pintrest

Dear stranger,

I don’t think starting probably with greetings will ease the situation so, with the hope that by the end you’ll be smiling and your eyes twinkling with the new ray of hope, I begin.

Have you ever observed the sky when the day meets night? At that moment, the sky holds so many colours, probably more than even the scale we know. Who knew the sky with scorching heat hours back would be so peaceful?

‘Diamonds’, one of the precious stones are made from carbon. The black chemical devoid of any beauty when taken care of with proper pressure and time turns out to be a beautiful jewel.

This is what proves things will never be the same.
Things change.
Situation changes.
Things don’t remain the way they were an hour ago or a year ago.

Years ago, we were governed by Kings and Monarchs while today we live in a democracy.

Was this journey easy?
Was it achieved just the moment we thought about it?

Hell NO!
We freaking took 200 years to fight for freedom while we’re still struggling for justice.

‘Time and Tide never waits.’

Have you heard about:

Bill Gates?
Steve Jobs?
Katy Perry?
Walt Disney?
Oprah Winfrey?
Henry Ford?
Lady Gaga?
Stephan King?

Probably you have heard about them.
Probably you even know about their accomplishments.
But do you know about their journey?

‘There have been years and years of struggle for their overnight success’

We people are masters of hypocrisy. All we want is the world to value our existence; the world to respect us, But the truth is most of the time neither do we value ourselves nor do we respect ourselves.

All our lives, we keep on protecting ourselves and then we crib when we see someone achieving all that once we wanted to. We protect ourselves as if God will come from Heaven and Hell to appreciate us.

Tear off that layer of protection.
Chase your dreams.
Chase your goals.
I say fall a million times but don’t stop running.

Every time you fall, every scar that you earn will make you better and let me add beautiful too.
We are so afraid to fall, so afraid to feel the pain that we don’t begin to run; rather we console ourselves that the view is better from where we are.
But my friend-
The grapes on the vine are always sour”

If you never go on top, the view has to be good from where you are.

Stand up.
Earn what you want to.

The view from the top is breathtaking.
Probably because you actually know the value of that place.

Don’t be afraid to fall.
Don’t be afraid to feel the pain.
Pain is beautiful, embrace it.
Once you embrace the pain, you’ll realize that it makes you strong; it makes you a better person.

You probably failed for what you worked very hard or someone you trust the most stabbed you or someone died or you lost everything you had. There is N number of causes for your sadness and I don’t even disagree.

But do you know the trick?
You’re not alone.
There are people out everywhere who are struggling.
Some have situations worse than yours.

Do you know-
Stephan was paralyzed.
Edison never did schooling.
Walt Disney was rejected saying he lacked imagination.
Steve Jobs was dismissed from Apple itself.

I just want to say that the list is endless.
But the story won’t change, people have faced failure rather…lived more on failure. For failure is beautiful.

There is no age to reach success.
You can achieve dreams at any age.

‘Harrison Ford at 30 was a carpenter.
Vera Wang didn’t design her first dress till she was 40.

I just want to say that the young are running around here trying to figure out to be somebody when we don’t even know who we are yet.

Know yourself.
Watch the world the way you want. Don’t force yourself to watch it the way others watch.
That’s the way it has to be.

‘Everyone saw the Apple fall, only Newton wondered why.’

Do you know what happened to Malala when she was 15? She got fired.
People say that it was a mistake.

Well, that wasn’t. Cause she wasn’t Malala. She was just some 15-year-old who needed to be fired so that she could become Malala.

Sometimes, you gotta fail to succeed.

The people you look up to; you admire; you consider your leader, there is a reason why they are there, why you want you to be like them.

But remember they didn’t reach there just by slogging.

They worked hard.

Failed miserably.

Lost everything.

But then the desire to achieve something was so much that those failures instead of keeping them away from their dreams forced them to chase their dreams. Work harder than before. 

Better than before.

‘The master has failed more times than what the disciple ever tried.’

I just want to say embrace every emotion. Learn from every mistake. Try to create balance.
The balance between your work and relation. There is no fun if you get a promotion and breakup on the same day. There is no use if you work endlessly and die surrounded by no one. 

Smile more.
Laugh more.
Learn more.
Aim high.
Don’t be afraid to fall.
Life is beautiful.

“Just because someone stumbles doesn’t mean they are lost forever.
Sometimes all we need is a little hope.
Don’t be afraid to hope.” – X-Men: Days of Future Past

Believe in yourself.

Always here to hear you,


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