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Happy New Year — 2022, Here I come

Happy New Year 2022
Black numbers 2022 with golden glitter numbers on black background. Vector luxury text 2022 Happy new year.

I have never been fascinated with New Year. There was no significant change in my life except the change of a digit or two in date. I still am not in love or scared of New Year but I think I am more in tune with them? I have realized with each passing day or year, maybe the only visible change is in the date but I sure have changed.

2021 in a way offered me some of the best experiences. While I didn’t go on some dream trips or have an epic adventure, I realised I have healed so much from things that I didn’t realise need healing from. I have grown so much. And honestly, the best part is realizing that I changed. That I healed. I have developed habits that I am proud of. There are so many things that I am learning. And the topics.! So diverse. Be it to learn about the roots of racism or different words for beautiful. I went into a detailed study of Art for a while and had a whole spiral where I wondered what exactly did I achieve in my life. It wasn’t great and I felt so lost. I got sick. And I wouldn’t wish this kind of sickness to anyone. But at the same time, I met a few people for the first time in years (Thank you, Covid). I had so many deep conversations. I read some different books and wrote things and scenes outside of my comfort zone. I realised the roots of some problems and slowly overcame them. I planned some new projects and I am genuinely excited about them. I had a couple of setbacks with my students but gained a whole new experience as I started volunteering in an NGO.

I started decluttering things. I am a big hoarder. I have tickets for the amusement part I visited almost 8 years ago. I still have them. But I slowly started letting go of the things -both physically and digitally. One of my inboxes had more than 36k emails. I did bring down the count to 4k. Counting it as one of my 2021 victories.

And I think the best part of 2021 is actually understanding what self-love is. What self-development is? I am by no means an expert or have it all sorted out. But I have an idea. And it feels good. It feels different. And I guess that is what matters.

To wrap 2021, I am glad for the lessons I stumbled upon, glad for giving me chance to heal, to grow, to walk out of my comfort zone, for opportunities, for endless conversations, for books and every minute of existence. It would all have been amazing if my writing goals were just as cooperative. If only…

But 2022, I am ready for you. And I know this New Year, I am going to live it exactly as I want- creating content that I am proud of, constantly in a stage of learning, growing, reading some (MANY) amazing books, working on partnership projects and well, writing my heart out.

How did 2021 treat you? Anything you are looking forward to in 2022? Maybe a new book? A new series? Some exam? New life? Let me know.

And don’t forget: At the end, everything comes down to one question: Are you happy?

Happy New Year..!

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