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Flames of Mira by Clay Harmon — Book Review & Summary


Flames of Mira by Clay Harmon
Flames of Mira by Clay Harmon

AUTHOR: Clay Harmon

PUBLISHED ON: 5 July 2022

GENRE: Fantasy

RATING: 4/5 Stars


CONVINCING YOU TO READ THIS IN 6 WORDS: Dark Fantasy, Morally grey characters, cool magic system, political intrigue, engaging past and thought provoking

Physical ARC provided by Rebellion Pub (Solaris) 


Ig is living a double life. He is a man-servant to Sorrelo. But that façade is for everyone around. Only a couple of people are in on the secret that Ig is flesh-bound to Sorrelo, making it impossible for Ig to disobey him. With passing time, we witness just how much behind the scenes work Ig is involved with. But when the coup to overthrow Sorrelo is in motion, Ig’s powers are reveled and more people are led in on the secret that he is an elemental.

The coup made it impossible for Sorrelo and his children to be in the kingdom and they use one of the hidden tunnels to escape the cities along with Mateo, a trusted alley. On the way, they learn a little more about what is happening around and more about each other. Slowly, secrets start spilling out. But when the unexpected attacks strikes, they are forced to change their plans and re-valuate things. With the change in dynamics, Ig is forced to reveal things that he would’ve kept hidden. The journey throughout reveals a little about how Ig became the servant and how he was trained to be an elemental. It forced him to think about what happened to him and what he really wanted in life. Was the idea of freedom really scary or something that he longed for.

But nothing is just as easy as it seems. As they reached to meet with Sara’s uncle, Lucas, they find themselves part of a trap. With no other way, Sara manages to form an alliance with the mercenaries, despite Ig’s resistance. But plans have a way fall apart and Ig is faced with living nightmares that he can’t escape.

Emil accompanies Mateo as they find their way to find the youngest princess, Efadora. After saving her from an assassin attack, they re-group and try to reach the meeting point. Ig’s note force them to move as fast as possible. But despite everything, they could not stop the horrors of the war and when they witness the consequences, they are speechless. Reaching back to their kingdom wasn’t anything that they imagined. But everything is just 1000 times bad.

In the chaos, when Ig is tasked with an impossible task, he wanted to do nothing else but die but with a renewed purpose, he takes a new path. But when ordered to kill someone important, Ig knows there is just one way out. But fate had other plans and Ig escapes death once again.

But is escaping death enough? Read more to know about Ig and his adventures as he try to find the balance between his past and present.


Flames of Mira by Clay Harmon is an amazing debut that has made me think about something again and again, forcing my inner nerd to write a couple essays. When you read Fantasy continuously, you sometimes notice some pattens, see things coming and at times anticipate what is happening. While I did see somethings coming, there were places where I was punched in the gut…because WTH. Let’s get into details now?

Flames of Mira starts with a bang. There is lot of things going around and while you don’t understand the world or powers, the action takes you and grasps you in the new world. And I love it. One of my favorite book of all time took me 1 week to reach half mark. 1 week because I wasn’t sucked in the beginning. But Flames of Mira did it. So, kudos to the amazing start.

Flames of Mira is a Multi-POV story which adds more character and voice to people we meet. Multi-POV always helps me to get an insight to the characters brains and their emotions. It was same here. We witness inner working for Ig, Sara, Efadora and Jakar. That being said, I think this book was more of a plot based book rather than character based book. The plot of Flames of Mira was complex and beautiful at the same time. While, controlling metal is something we are familiar with, the twist of being able to bond with not just one but more metals is *chefs kiss* and the process. The whole process of being able to bond with that metal is traumatic. Bad. But as a reader, oh damn. Just perfect. Give me more. I want to know more about Ig’s previous life. I want to know how they were trained in detail. I just want to know.!

While I enjoyed the world created, I think I was still unsure at times? The world still isn’t 100% clear to me? I still have some questions but I am not even worried because you know there are books coming following this one and all the doubts that I have will be solved with the following books.

The writing of the book is really thought provoking. The topic of this book isn’t rose petals. And when some sentences hit, they know just how deep wounds to cut. I really enjoyed that. I am someone who enjoys words. And when such sentences come, I just can’t help but sit and contemplate everything. I am not kidding, I marked some sentences, attached one line thought to ponder later on and started to expand on the topic.

Overall, I loved the dynamics between the characters, the plot and the cool magic system. I have no doubt that I am going enjoy the Rift Walker Series. And while, I know I was fortunate enough to get an early chance to read this book and this book isn’t out yet, I want to get my hand on book 2 as soon as possible, because damn…I want to know more about Jakar too.

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An epic new fantasy in a world of ice, magma and magic!

Among the volcanoes beneath Mira’s frozen lands, people like Ig are forced to undergo life-threatening trials that bind chemical elements to the human body. One of Mira’s most powerful elementals, Ig works in secret as an enforcer for the corrupt Magnate Sorrelo Adriann, but is cursed with flesh binding magic — magic that will kill him at the first sign of disobedience. His days are spent hunting down anyone who would oppose the magnate, a shell of his old self who clings to old memories and his budding friendships with the magnate’s son and daughter.

When Sorrelo is overthrown in a coup and the country is thrown into chaos, Ig quickly learns he can do far worse than what Sorrelo has asked from him so far. If he can’t rediscover the person he was and escape the flesh binding in time, he will have to kill countless innocents as Sorrelo and his allies seek to reclaim the throne, or sacrifice himself trying.




WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT SARA HIRING PEOPLE TO KILL SORRELO? I need more people to talk about this. I really need this conversation.

I Kind of knew Emil will die when we saw that he was ready to distance himself from Mateo but still it hurt.


It was gut wrenching as a reader. It is so wrong. His mind being there. He didn’t want to. But being forced to do it either way. Sara not commenting or talking about is again so wrong.

Something funny, so, I was very busy suddenly between reading this book. And I guess I started Efadora’s chapter after break. And I kept on reading the name Sara but I didn’t realise it was her sister. I thought she wanted to impress someone or something like that. And when I realised it. Well, it was interesting moment for me. Nonetheless.

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