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Vitamin H by Abhishek Thakkar — Book Review & Summary


Filled with capsules of optimism and hope, Vitamin H is a collection of thoughts, suggestions and advice for the young at heart to nurture their minds and refresh their spirit. It aims to elevate the lives of people by fostering inner confidence and strengthening their faith. In a turbulent and chaotic world, people are in dire need of words of motivation and inspiration. Vitamin H provides the much needed therapy which will successfully cure the diseases such as negativity, pessimism, cynicism and envy. It will awaken the dreamer within you and help you achieve the seemingly impossible.

Vitamin H by Abhishek Thakkar
Vitamin H Cover Photo by Abhishek Thakkar

AUTHOR: Abhishek Thakkar

PUBLISHED ON: 1 January 2020

GENRE: Self-help

RATING: 4 Stars


The world will change only when we become creative and active rather than becoming critical and reactive.

I am honestly grateful for this chance to stumble across this book. And I genuinely believe 2022 is one of my best reading year. With each book I am discovering something new and a part of me is coming out of a Cancun. While I am generally a motivated person, every now and then you stumble across incidents that make you question your life. Your accomplishments. And while having a vision for what you want and where you want helps Some times it’s the words that help you. Words that help you remember simple things in life that you may have forgotten.

“Your authentic and rich life will begin the moment you accept where you have been going wrong.”

I started reading this book and initially I tried to read one quote a day but I soon just let that go and finished the book in a go. And it was so difficult because I kept on marking the quotes again and again. They are simple reminders, honestly. No talks about some famous people or unknown people and their backstory. Simple words of motivation that I think all of us need every now and then. Vitamin H talks about everything from love to life, from philosophy to reality, from a bit of motivation to the push that will to do what you want and honestly, I think something that will motivate you to start journaling.

Mind place is the place where victory or defeat is conceived.

I like the idea that author, Abhishek Thakkar used, one quote a day. It is an amazing thing for people who are too busy but need some moments of self-reflection. Because when nothing around helps you, it is always words that will come to your aid. Vitamin H or rather this Vitamin of Hope is a simple book that has the power to influence your thoughts. As we know, it takes drop after drop for a ocean to become an ocean. Similarly, it takes daily dose of positivity and simple words to develop a habit to life a motivated and fulfilled life full of happiness and hope.

Let there be life in your dreams rather than dreams in your life.

Two things that I read that I loved a lot. When Nitin Sir talks about how Abhishek spoke about 4D’s. Dream. Desire. Determination and Deed. I found this just perfect. And being someone who time and again reads about Swami Vivekananda, my geeky heart sang a song of happiness when the author mentioned that he counts them as his mentor.

I would recommend this book to absolutely everyone. You are new to reading? Check it out. You are non-fiction? Check it out? Are too buys? Check it out. I am convinced everyone will enjoy this book, especially to all the people who are just starting out or have lost hope on their way. Daily reminders to your beautiful life is on the way.

If people don’t fight you when you are right, don’t be afraid to fight for your happiness when they are wrong.

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